Lecture Cancellations due to Coronavirus

Friday 17th April - Please note the lecture and Harrogate coin fair is Cancelled due to the Coronavirus

Mon 11th May - Lecture Cancelled due to Coronavirus

Please check back for updates on future lectures 

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Coinage of the Ionion islands and Malta under British Protectorate


Robert Barraclough - The coinages of The Ionian Islands and Malta under British Rule

Monday 9th March 2020 @ 2pm

held at: The School of Philosophy, 64 Woodland Lane, Chapel Allerton. Leeds, LS7 4PD

Girl Scout Troop Learns Numismatics

 A Girl Scout Troop have been learning about numismatics and one Scout has produced this useful and informative webpage which can be visited at https://www.fragrancex.com/fragrance-information/the_fragrance_of_money_and_joy_of_coin_collecting.html

The Girl Scout Leader sent the Yorkshire Numismatic Society of beautiful e mail which you can read below.

Hi - I thought I'd reach out quickly on behalf of my  Girl Scout Troop to say thank you for your Yorkshire Numismatic Society page : http://yorkshirenumismatic.blogspot.com/p/links.html . Right now the girls are working hard to earn their "Fun With Money" patches. I'm actually the troop's assistant leader - our leader is out this month and this is the first time I've taken over and I'm so impressed with this group and how diligently they are working together to earn their badges. Last week, we researched together online for some good info on numismatics to get us started and your page was such a great help to them we wanted to reach out as a group to say thank you!

For a homework assignment I told the girls to go online with a parent/guardian's supervision and browse around online for some more helpful numismatics resources to bring to our next meeting. One of the girls, Jaden, found a really great article on the History of Numismatics that she brought to our meeting last week. She shared it with the whole troop and also suggested that I pass the article along to you too as a way to say thank you. She thought you might like to add it to your page along with your other resources. It's at: https://www.fragrancex.com/fragrance-information/the_fragrance_of_money_and_joy_of_coin_collecting.html .

Thanks again for your awesome page! If you do decide to add Jaden's suggestion we meet tomorrow afternoon and I'd love to let her know, I know she'd be so proud.


We hope you visit this page and that the Girl Scout Troop enjoys the hobby.

AGM and the Future of the Society

The Society at the AGM has decided to continue after a discussion of its future and will be issuing a program shortly.

Please check back for lectures and other events.

Attached are the minutes from the AGM 

The following were unanimously elected to hold office for 2019/2020:-

    President - Robert Barraclough
    Vice-President - David Lee
    Acting Secretary – Robert Barraclough
    Acting Treasurer – Robert Barraclough FCA
    Media Administrator – David Lee

Council: The Officers, Richard Fynes, Mike Roberts, Peter Watson, Alan Humphries, 
Peter Spencer, Frank Moore, Paula Turner and Tony Abramson.

 Other business:

a) The Special Resolution was not put to the vote as there was unanimous opinion that the Society had a future and every effort will be made to ensure its continuation.

b) The decision as to when and where meetings are to be held was unresolved, but preference seemed to be on Saturday afternoons in Leeds. However the possibility of holding meetings in York or Pontefract during the liquorice fair will be investigated. The possibility of meeting at the Leeds Library in Commercial Street is to be looked into.

c) The Programme for 2020 will start in March and talks have been so far offered by Robert Barraclough, Richard Fynes, Alan Humphries, Mike Roberts, and Peter Watson. Mike Roberts has also volunteered to use his contacts to obtain further speakers. David Lee is keen to put on activities etc with Museums, Libraries.

d) On the propositions of Mike Roberts and Richard Fynes it was unanimously approved that Honorary Life Membership would be awarded to our retiring President Tony Abramson.

Follow up: 

The Council and any other interested persons will meet up in the not too distant future to firm up and arrange the programme and location / dates of meetings – possibly at the York Coin Fair on January 17th – 18th.

David Turner

Sad news that David Turner has passed away. A regular on the Yorkshire Coin Fair circuit

David Turner RIP

President’s Report, 2019

President’s Report, 2019

In celebration of its 110th anniversary, the Yorkshire Numismatic Society held a weekend of lectures alongside John Philpotts' Harrogate Spring Coin Fair at the Old Swan Hotel on 15th-16th March. The intention was to provide newcomers to numismatics with a guide to available, affordable coins, tokens, medals and notes from a variety of periods in an historical context.

The lecture programme commenced with Tony Abramson’s review of the early days of The Yorkshire Numismatic Fellowship followed by a brief introduction to early Anglo-Saxon coins. Adrian Marsden gave the social history of a number of 17th century tokens issuers and Richard Abdy gave a brief survey of Roman coppers in Britain. in Are not two sparrows sold for an as

Richard Fynes returned to tokens with ‘Collecting tokens and medals, some examples from Yorkshire C17-20th’ and John Philpotts spoke on Iron Age coins in Britain followed by Barrie Cook on the coinage of the Wars of the Roses. Frances Simmons described some 20th century medals illustrated by several trays of specimens. Pam West addressed collecting banknotes and the event concluded with James Booth on Late Anglo-Saxon Coin Portraits.

Funds remain healthy with around £6,000 in hand. Membership includes 5 honorary, 35 ordinary and 14 Associate members.

Regrettably, attendance at the above lectures was extremely disappointing, challenging the ongoing viability of the Society. I will be stepping down from all offices at the AGM, and in the absence of one or more suitable candidates to run the Society, propose a motion of dissolution at the Special Meeting to be held under a different chairperson, immediately after the AGM subject to alternative proposals.

Tony Abramson
23rd October 2019