Lecture - 'Quite devoid of sense'

2:00pm Friday 20th January, York Coin Fair: 'Quite devoid of sense'?

Tony Abramson will show that far from being 'quite devoid of sense', as one of our most eminent numismatists thought, the York gold shilling is at the forefront of English coinage. Our new understanding of the inscriptions and iconography challenge the chronology of early Anglo-Saxon coinage, dating the York shilling to the time of the ship burial at Sutton Hoo and casting new light on the history of Northumbria, particularly its balance of power. The distribution of finds evidences evangelical activity in the Conversion Period and the literacy of the inscriptions distinguishes Northumbrian coinage from southern emissions.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Yorkshire Numismatic Society for 2016

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Yorkshire Numismatic Society for 2016

The AGM was held at 7:30pm on Thursday, 24th November 2016

(1) Apologies for absence: Catherine Baxter, Anthony Conway, Richard Fynes, Roy Norris, Jasbir Singh, Lee Toone, Peter Watson
(2) The minutes of the previous AGM were approved. There were no matters arising, The video recording project was deferred in 2016 but will resume in 2017.
(3) The reports of the president is given below
(4) The audited accounts for the year to 30th September 2016 were approved and adopted.
(5) The officers and other council members were re-elected,
(6) There was no other business.
The meeting closed at 8:15pm.

President’s Report, 2016

The main activity in 2016 consisted of talks given at the major local coin fairs. These included:

Lee Toone’s lecture at the York Stamp and Coin Fair, York Racecourse, on Friday, 15th January 2016, entitled ‘The London Mint of Constantius and Constantine, AD 296 – 325’, followed publication by Spink of his book of the same title, co-authored by Hugh Cloke.

Tony Abramson spoke on ‘Where There’s Muck, There’s Brass - The Monetization of Northumbria, C6th   - 9th CE’ at the Harrogate Coin Fair, on Friday, 18th March 2016, covering his current research.

Gareth Williams of the British Museum addressed the topic of ‘Hoards and Wealth in Viking Yorkshire’ on the Friday, 15th July 2016, at the York Stamp and Coin Fair.

Detailed reports can be found on the Society’s social media.
On Sunday 21st February, several society members spoke at the 2016 Richard Hall Symposium again at King’s Manor, York. The theme was Lost Landscapes AD 400-1100.
Numismatic speakers include Gareth Williams of the British Museum, Andrew Woods of York Museums Trust and Tony Abramson of the University of York. The society was also represented at the Sixth International Symposium in Early Medieval Coinage at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 28-9th October 2016, where the theme was North Vs South.
The major forthcoming event is the BANS Spring Congress 2017 hosted by the Society. The venue is The Crown Hotel, Harrogate, 7-9 April 2017. Planning is well advanced. It is hoped that fund-raising activities – an auction, raffle and brochure – will cover costs.
The Society’s finances remain healthy. David Lee reported that the Society has 662 followers on Twitter, the Facebook page has 152 members and 314 likes. The flagcounter of original visits reads 15,357, and the total pageviews including repeat visitors reads 30,260.
Tony Abramson, 4th November 2016.

York talk: Hoards and Wealth in Viking Yorkshire

York talk: Hoards and Wealth in Viking Yorkshire

By Gareth Williams - British Museum

3:00pm Friday 15th July 2016

Venue: The York Coin Fair, The Grandstand, York Racecourse, Tadcaster Rd, York, North Yorkshire YO23 1EX

Coins of various types were used in Yorkshire from the initial capture of York by the Vikings in 866 to the death of the last Viking king of Northumbria in 954. These included pre-Viking Northumbrian stycas, Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Viking silver pennies from south of the Humber, imported Carolingian deniers and Islamic dirhams, and from the 890s (if not earlier) silver pennies of Viking Northumbria, minted in York. In addition to coin-based exchange, there is also evidence for a bullion economy, and a ‘status’ economy in which high-value items in silver and gold were used to display the wealth and status of their owners.
The study of these coins has traditionally been based on hoards, found both in Yorkshire and elsewhere, and recent finds such as the Vale of York hoard and ‘Near York’ hoard continue to add to our understanding. However, hoards only form part of the picture. Drawing on a combination of site-finds, single finds and hoards, this lecture will explore variation in the character of coin use within Viking Yorkshire, including chronological developments and also an apparent difference between York itself and its immediate hinterland and the wider area of Viking rural settlement.

Where there’s muck, there’s brass

Talk by Tony Abramson at 2:30pm on Friday 18th March 2016

Where there’s muck, there’s brass:
The Monetization of Northumbria
C 6th   - 9th CE


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