Coins of England 2021 Pre-Decimal - Hardcover

Coins of England 2021 Pre-Decimal - Hardcover By Spink
This title will be released on November 30, 2020
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This historic reference work for British coins is still the only catalogue to feature every major coin type from Celtic to the Decimal coinage of Queen Elizabeth II, arranged in chronological order and divided into metals under each reign, then into coinages, denominations and varieties. All decimal coinage since 1968 is listed in a separate volume, available as an independent publication. The catalogue includes up-to-date values for every coin, a beginner’s guide to coin collecting, numismatic terms explained and historical information about each British coin, from our earliest (Celtic) coins, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Norman coins, the coins of the Plantagenet Kings, the Houses of Lancaster and York, the Tudors and Stuarts, to the more modern Milled coinage, minted for the first time in 1561 during the reign of Elizabeth I. From the earliest of times, coins have been used by states or monarchs to communicate with people; Coins of England is therefore not only a reference book for collectors, but a fascinating snapshot of British history, illuminating its economics, technology, art, politics and religion. As always, the content has been updated and improved throughout by the editors, with numerous new images and revisions of key sections.
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Coins of England 2021 Decimal - Paperback

Coins of England 2021 Decimal - Paperback by Spink
This title will be released on November 30, 2020
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The Coins of England and the United Kingdom Pre-Decimal and Decimal volumes together comprise the Standard Catalogue of British Coins, with the pre-decimal issues under Elizabeth II (and all previous coinage) listed in a separate volume. This volume of Decimal issues under Elizabeth II gives a comprehensive overview of all individual coins and sets issued by the Royal Mint since 1971 (and in circulation since 1968), offering an authoritative catalogue of modern British coins.
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An Introductory Guide to Ancient Greek and Roman Coins. Volume 1

An Introductory Guide to Ancient Greek and Roman Coins. Volume 1:
Greek Civic Coins and Tribal Issues (Living History) Paperback
by David Sear (Author)
Launched 15 June 2020
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This is the first volume (of three) of David Sear’s brand new introductory guide to ancient coins, covering Greek civic coins and tribal issues, and the very first release in Spink’s new Living History series. Ancient coins have long fascinated generations of collectors by virtue of their beauty, the stories they tell, and for the unique insight they give into the history of the time in which they were made. They can be held, felt and examined without the need for visiting a museum – they are, quite literally, living history. David Sear’s three volume guide is intended to give a general background to the fascinating world of ancient coins, looking back more than 26 centuries to the lands of the eastern Mediterranean, at how coins were designed and produced, and at how they can reveal so much to us today of the time in which they were produced. David Sear is among the most notable numismatic authors writing today; his seminal texts have become the standard handbooks for collectors of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coinage. His Introductory Guide is intended as an approachable and informative introduction to the hobby, and is a must for anyone interested in the history of the ancient Greek and Roman world.

Lecture Cancellations due to Coronavirus

Friday 17th April - Please note the lecture and Harrogate coin fair is Cancelled due to the Coronavirus

Mon 11th May - Lecture Cancelled due to Coronavirus

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Coinage of the Ionion islands and Malta under British Protectorate


Robert Barraclough - The coinages of The Ionian Islands and Malta under British Rule

Monday 9th March 2020 @ 2pm

held at: The School of Philosophy, 64 Woodland Lane, Chapel Allerton. Leeds, LS7 4PD

Girl Scout Troop Learns Numismatics

 A Girl Scout Troop have been learning about numismatics and one Scout has produced this useful and informative webpage which can be visited at

The Girl Scout Leader sent the Yorkshire Numismatic Society of beautiful e mail which you can read below.

Hi - I thought I'd reach out quickly on behalf of my  Girl Scout Troop to say thank you for your Yorkshire Numismatic Society page : . Right now the girls are working hard to earn their "Fun With Money" patches. I'm actually the troop's assistant leader - our leader is out this month and this is the first time I've taken over and I'm so impressed with this group and how diligently they are working together to earn their badges. Last week, we researched together online for some good info on numismatics to get us started and your page was such a great help to them we wanted to reach out as a group to say thank you!

For a homework assignment I told the girls to go online with a parent/guardian's supervision and browse around online for some more helpful numismatics resources to bring to our next meeting. One of the girls, Jaden, found a really great article on the History of Numismatics that she brought to our meeting last week. She shared it with the whole troop and also suggested that I pass the article along to you too as a way to say thank you. She thought you might like to add it to your page along with your other resources. It's at: .

Thanks again for your awesome page! If you do decide to add Jaden's suggestion we meet tomorrow afternoon and I'd love to let her know, I know she'd be so proud.


We hope you visit this page and that the Girl Scout Troop enjoys the hobby.