Yorkshire Numismatist - Volume 4

Here is the Treasure Hunting Magazine review of YN4 by Peter Clayton. It was published in the February 2013 edition of the magazine.


Introduction, James Booth
Foreword, Michael Metcalf

Part 1: Romano-British Coinage

The Roman Mint of London: A Collector’s Perspective - Paul DiMarzio
A Transitional Issue from the Roman Mint at London - Hubert J. Cloke
Irregular Coinage in Late Roman Britain : Recent Research - Adrian Marsden
Opuscula Carausiana - Richard Bourne
The Roman influence on early Anglo-Saxon Coinage - Tony Abramson

Part 2: Medieval Coinage

Currency and economy - Martin Allen
The re-use of coins in medieval England and Wales (c.1050-1550) - Richard Kelleher
Medieval coin brooches - David Harpin
Globalised monetary systems of the Viking age - Hendrik Mäkeler
The value and metrology of salt in the late eleventh century - Henry Fairbairn
Monetary magic in late medieval England - Laura Mitchell
The mint of Wallingford – Tom Williams
The commyng of the King: coins and the York royal entry – Barrie Cook
Was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England a queen? – Gareth Williams

Part 3: Hoards

Honour and Dishonour – Joyce Hill
Aldborough Sceatta Hoard – Adrian Marsden
The Silverdale Hoard – Gareth Williams
Yorkshire Coins and Coin Hoards - Stephen Briggs

Part 4: Other Matters

Sceats: how do we assess their success? - Tony Abramson
The Lorin Kay Collection of Stycas – Elizabeth Pirie (Tony Abramson)
The Bombardment of Scarborough – David Pickup
Yorkshire Co-op Checks – Robert Barraclough
Obituary: Graham Teasdill  –  Stephen Briggs

Part 5 – YNS Transactions, 2011, Abstracts of Talks to the Society

Yorkshire Paranumismatics – Geoff Percival
The London Mint AD 319 to 325 – Lee Toone
The Origins of the Troy Standard – Robert Tye
The Ottoman Coins – Peter Watson
Decimalisation of Europe in the 19th Century – Richard Fife
The Vale of York Hoard – Gareth Williams
Keeping Them in the Family – Denis Martin