The Yorkshire Numismatist

Volume 1 - available.

Foreword by Marion M. Archibald
Early Northumbrian Orthography and a Problem of Convention by E. J. E. Pirie
A Viking copy of an Alfred London-Monogram penny from Doncaster by Marion M. Archibald
Notes on the ‘PAXS’ Type of William I by D. M. Metcalf
Henry I Coin Types: Design Characteristics and Chronology by Peter Seaby
A Civil War Hoard from Breckenbrough, North Yorkshire by Edward Besly
Unpublished Seventeenth Century Tokens of Yorkshire by Michael Dickinson
Yorkshire Temperance Establishments. Part I by J. P. Moffat
German Porcelain Medallions, 1938-1942 by Eduard F. Winkler
Fred Pridmore and his Numismatic Works by P. D. Mitchell and P. J. Seaby
Current Work on the Yorkshire Museum Numismatic Collection by Melinda Mays

Volume 2 - available.

Foreword by Christopher Challis 
The Order of the Prototype Gold Staters of the Corieltauvi by Jeffrey May
The Shape of the Dies of the Early Staters of the Corieltauvi by Christiane De Michaeli
The Seventh-century Gold Coinage of Northumbria by E.J.E. Pirie
Seventh Century Gold Coins from York by D. Tweddle and J. Moulden
The Mid Ninth-century Coinage of Archbishop Wigmund of York in the Light of Metal Analysis by G.R. Gilmore and D.M. Metcalf
Chronology of the St Peter Coinage by Sir Ian Stewart and Stewart Lyon
The Punchanella Token of York by Melinda Mays and David Wylde
Seventeenth Century Tokens and Personal Seals by Melinda Mays
Two Eighteenth Century Collectors by William James Smith
Yorkshire Temperance Establishments: Part II by J.P. Moffat
Numismatic Discoveries and Research in York - An Update by Richard Hall
Coins from the Pontefract Castle Excavations by Ian Roberts and Peter Seaby
Miscellaneous Coin Finds from Yorkshire and N. Humberside by Peter Seaby
Numismatic Activities in Leeds City Museum by E.J.E. Pirie
What Others Publish — some recent books and papers
Henry Mossop: an Appreciation
Proceedings of the Society for 1988, 1989 and 1990
Obituary - Peter John Seaby

Volume 3 - available.

Foreword by Michael Metcalf 
Introduction & Acknowledgements by Tony Abramson
Cast away riches: estimating the volume of Celtic coinage found in Britain by Philip de Jersey
Northumbrian coinage: the productive site at South Newbald by James Booth 
Fifteen years of coin finds from productive sites by Mike Bonser
Towards a chronology for Offa`s coinage: an interim study by Derek Chick
Eanred`s penny: a Northumbrian enigma by Elizabeth Pirie
A problem of convention: a belated reply by Veronica Smart
Long cross moneyers of York by Ian Dowthwaite  
The Yorkshire coiners: ‘Owt for Nowt‘ by Tony Abramson  
Captain James Cook’s distribution of Maundy money by Brian Robinson  
Edmund Dring and Jerome Madox by Geoffrey Percival 
A seventeenth-century token of Durham by Ian Taylor  
Yorkshire re-attributions of seventeenth-century tokens by Robert Thompson
The medals produced for the 1807 York Pariamentary election by David Pickup
United States Presidential awards for lifesaving at sea by Frank Mellor 
African bracelet money by Scott Semans
Single coin finds: some observations by Michael Cuddeford
Eras in numismatics by Richard Plant  
The definite article: advice from a numismatic scribbler by Paul Withers
Hammered coins: relative price and scarcity by Tim Owen  
Coin finds reported to the Yorkshire Museum 1992-6 by Craig Barclay  
Recent finds of seventeenth-century Yorkshire tokens by Jim Halliday
Seventeenth-century tokens in the collection of the University of Leeds by Christopher Challis
Yorkshire checks and passes in the Kirklees Museum by John Rumsby

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