Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Yorkshire Numismatic Society for 2017

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Yorkshire Numismatic Society for 2017

The AGM was held at 7:30pm on Thursday, 30th November 2017.

(1) Apologies for absence: Anthony Conway, Richard Fynes, Frank Mellor, Lee Toone, Peter Watson.
(2) The minutes of the previous AGM were approved. There were no matters arising.
(3) The reports of the president is given below.
(4) The accounts for the year to 30th September 2017 were approved and adopted. The subscription will remain unchanged at £15pa.
(5) The officers and other council members were re-elected.
(6) Other business: The President displayed the North Medal for services to British numismatics, awarded at the British Numismatic Society’s AGM, earlier in the week. Andy Woods received the Blunt Prize for the encouragement of younger scholars.
The programme for 2018 was discussed over a glass of Ch»Éteau Le Coin. Prospective speakers include Andy Woods on the Wold Newton Hoard, Richard Fynes ‘'Portraits of a lady; the numismatics of the goddess Nana', William Mackay on the pennies of Burgred. Emma Herbert-Davies has been working on the Leeds University collection, and is prepared to speak on the Winchester Cabinet. The President has suggested to her that this should be a joint meeting with other local interest groups. Also, Mike Roberts is in touch with a couple of prospective speakers.
The meeting closed at 8:30pm.

President’s Report, 2017
2017 was dominated by the BANS Congress hosted by the Society in the Crown Hotel, Harrogate, 7th-9th April. A full report of this highly successful event was posted on the Society’s blog. Otherwise, the programme consisted of talks given at the major local coin fairs. These included:

20th January, York Coin Fair, ‘Quite Devoid of Sense’. Tony Abramson revealed his interpretation of one of the two inscriptions on the York Gold shilling to read Paulinus Ep(iscopus), having been issued 627-633 by Paulinus the first Bishop of York, during King Edwin’s reign, making it among the earliest of English coins.

17th March, Harrogate Spring Fair, when Mary Garrison, of the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, discussed the significance of the Paulinus shilling.

21st July, York Coin Fair, The Wonderful World of Paranumismatics, Mike Roberts. The presentation included the well- known series of trade tokens in the 17th, late 18th and early 19th centuries and also described and explained, refreshment tickets, co-op checks, transport tokens, imitation spade guineas, communion tokens, pit checks, works tallies and local and prize medallions.

The Society’s finances remain healthy. David Lee reported that the Society has 797 followers on Twitter, the Facebook page has 177 members and 400 likes. The flag-counter of original visits reads 17,253, and the total page views including repeat visitors reads 35,415.
Tony Abramson, 13th November 2017.

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