BNS Awards

BNS Awards

At the AGM of the  British Numismatic Society  on Tuesday  28h November, YNS members
were prominent among award recipients. Andy Woods won the Blunt Prize, which, according
to the BNS website: ‘was instituted in 1986 as the 'Council Prize', but its name was changed in
2005 to mark the outstanding contribution to the Society and to British Numismatics made by
Christopher Evelyn Blunt (1904-1987).  The Prize takes the form of a triennial cash award to
an  individual,  whether  a  member  of  the  Society or  not,  who  has  made  a  significant  recent
contribution to the study of numismatics which falls within the Society's remit. Its purpose is
principally  to  encourage  younger  scholars,  and  preference  is  therefore  given  to  suitable
candidates under 35 years of age.’ Hearty congratulations to Andy, who joins an illustrious list
of previous winners:
1987   M. A. S. Blackburn
1990   E. M. Besly
1993   B. J. Cook
1996   M. R. Allen
1999   P de Jersey
2002   K. Clancy
2005   S. Bhandare
2008   T. Crafter
2011   R. Naismith

In 2008, the Jeffrey North Medal was instituted. This is presented, biennially, for exceptional
services to British Numismatics. The new medal was beautifully crafted by Nicola Moss on
the  theme  of  a  bee-hive  rich  in  metaphor -  pollination,  navigation,  community  service,
creativity, energy and purposeful flight - in a form which imaginatively and subtlety integrates
numismatic symbols.

The award went to Bob Thomas, Peter Clayton and YNS’s President Tony Abramson, who in
2008 was also runner-up for the North Book Prize.
The Sanford Saltus Gold Medal, for prolific numismatic authorship, was closely contested by
Dr David Dykes, Dr Rory Naismith and Nicholas Holmes, and won by the latter. All three
entries attested the high standard of British numismatic scholarship.

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