Forthcoming Events

Assaying in the Sixteenth Century

January 2013

Saturday 19th January, 2.00pm, York Coin Fair James Booth : Valeria, Fausta and Helena: Domestic Tragedies on the Bronze Follis, c.295 - c.326. 

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March 2013 

Saturday 23rd March, 11:30am, Harrogate -  Megan Gooch: Testing your Metal: Assaying in the Tudor Mint 

The Tudor Mint was a dangerous place to work, especially if you were involved in assaying, where precious metals were melted and tested for purity. Assayers risked arsenic poisoning, blindness and mysterious sleeping sicknesses in the service of monarchs who were determined to vary the precious metal content of their coins for their own ends. In the light of recent excavations in the Tower of London, the lives and work of these men can be illuminated, and this talk will focus on how and where their activities took place in the Tudor mint. 

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