Talk: ‘English Coinage in the Age of Burgred of Mercia.

Talk: 2:30pm, Friday 16th March 2018

‘English Coinage in the Age of Burgred of Mercia; 850-875’

by William Mackay

The Lunettes coinage as the first coinage with unified design in Southern England. It began in Mercia with Burgred in the 850s and was extended to Wessex in the 860s before coming to an end in the 870s. Often regarded as common, base and  of uninteresting design, this was an innovative coinage. In this talk I will explore its scope and chronology as well as considering what it can tell us about coinage production in Southern England in the period before the Danish conquests and look at the impact of these on the coinage.‘

In taking this approach I can draw together the separate work I have done on the Lunettes coinage covering Aethelred I and Alfred in Wessex (and not forgetting Ceolnoth in Canterbury) as well as Burgred of Mercia.

            Venue: Harrogate Spring Coin Fair, Swan Hotel, Swan Road, Harrogate, HG1 2SR, 
(car parking tickets at hotel reception) 

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