Money Talks - British Monarchs and History in Coins

Money Talks
British Monarchs and History in Coins

Bob Whittington

  • An illustrated story of British Monarchs and history featuring over 60 images of coins
  • Reveals the hidden stories behind coins and the background to designs
  • The story of Great Britain from the Iron Age to the present day

Money Talks is a fast-paced history of the humble British coin, the events which at times literally shaped it and the stories reflected in its creation. It has been used to barter and to bribe, to pay a king’s ransom, been an object of pride and a symbol of power and courage. The coin has witnessed the great events in history and it speaks to us of past generations, of battles and heroic deeds and of countries and empires.

Money Talks demonstrates how monarchs down the centuries have used hard cash to fund wars, maintain their lifestyles and portray their image to prove their position or legitimatise dubious claims to the throne.

From time to time the coin has slipped out of use altogether as bartering goods was preferred to poor quality coinage but even as the modern world turns increasingly to electronic transactions, the coin retains its place at the heart of everyday life.

ISBN 978-184995-316-0 216 x 138mm, 176pp, colour throughout
60 photographs and maps softback £16.99

Money Talks can be ordered from Whittles Publishing, t: 01593-731333, from any good bookshop or the usual online retailers

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