BANS 2017 Congress Welcome

Perhaps The Yorkshire Numismatic Society is proud to welcome you to this Congress on counterfeiting, but beware – it’s bleak in these muddy wastelands and we wayward inhabitants call a spade a spade. Stay together now, it’s silly to leave the bustling safe-haven of the Crown Hotel without provisions - Yorkshire pudding, Pontefract cakes and rhubarb pie.
You feeble cloth-heads with damp pants, ceased trousers, twisted braces, odious smocks, and patched coats are warned to avoid the narrow lanes of the beautiful Dales, squally Pennines, gloomy North York Moors, misty Yorkshire Wolds, muddy lowlands, and both fair passageways and suspicious alleyways around York.

On the other hand, wastrels and the faint-hearted can go pleasure themselves!

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