New Curator of Numismatics Already in the News!

Andrew Woods, the new Curator of Numismatics, is already making the headlines. The following article was published in the York Press last week. It's well worth a read:

There's History on the other Side of the Coin

He has also been setting up a new display in the Yorkshire Museum to involve both visitors to and residents of York. As the blog says, " Every year, the Yorkshire Museum plays host to visitors from all around the world. Similarly, local people visit a number of exotic places. Take a walk through the middle of York on a busy day and you will probably bump into people who have visited every continent and some of the most far flung places on earth. Our new ‘Travel Money’ display is designed to emphasize these links by considering an everyday symbol of this, the small change that you bring back in your pocket or purse."

The full blog report is here:

York Museums Trust Blog 

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