The Yorkshire Numismatist No.4

The next volume of the Yorkshire Numismatist will be published later this year. The draft contents list is below. However, there could yet be some late changes. The piece on the Silverdale Hoard by Gareth Williams will provide the first opportunity to read in detail about the hoard. Advertising opportunities and rates will be announced shortly. Further information will be posted soon.

The Yorkshire Numismatist No.4 

Introduction, James Booth

Foreword: Michael Metcalf

Part 1: Romano-British Coinage
The Roman Mint of London: A Collector’s Perspective - Paul DiMarzio
A Transitional Issue from the Roman Mint at London - Hubert J. Cloke 
Irregular Coinage in Late Roman Britain : Recent Research - Adrian Marsden
The Roman influence on early Anglo-Saxon Coinage - Tony Abramson

Part 2: Medieval Coinage
Currency and economy - Martin Allen
The re-use of coins in medieval England and Wales (c.1050-1550) - Richard Kelleher
Medieval coin brooches - David Harpin
Globalised monetary systems of the Viking age - Hendrik Mäkeler
The value and metrology of salt in the late eleventh century - Henry Fairbairn
Monetary magic in late medieval England - Laura Mitchell
The mint of Wallingford – Tom Williams
The commyng of the King: coins and the York royal entry – Barrie Cook
Was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England a queen? – Gareth Williams

Part 3: Other Matters
Sceats: how do we assess their success? - Tony Abramson
The Lorin Kay Collection of Stycas – Elizabeth Pirie (Tony Abramson)
The Silverdale Hoard – Gareth Williams
The Bombardment of Scarborough – David Pickup
Yorkshire Co-op Checks – Robert Barraclough

Part 4 – YNS Transactions, 2011, Abstracts of Talks to the Society
Yorkshire Paranumismatics – Geoff Percival
The London Mint AD 319 to 325 – Lee Toone
The Origins of the Troy Standard – Robert Tye
The Ottoman  Coins – Peter Watson
Decimalisation of Europe in the 19th Century – Richard Fife
The Vale of York Hoard – Gareth Williams
Keeping Them in the Family – Denis Martin

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