Donald Prince

The Yorkshire Numismatic Society is very sorry to have to announce the loss of one of its longest serving members.

Donald Prince, who passed away on 22 November 2011, joined the YNS in 1959.  His initial enthusiasm for numismatics was first stimulated, as was that of other schoolboys of that era, by the trays of coins displayed in the windows of the Leeds jewellers, Owen and Robinson, and grew into a life-long passion.   Donald had a sound understanding of a wide range of world coins, both ancient and modern, with a more specialised knowledge of Spanish and Irish issues.  He was a benign and encouraging presence at Society meetings, always willing to offer encouragement and advice and to share his knowledge with others.  He was for many years the Society’s representative to the British Association of Numismatic Societies.  He was President of the Society in 1976.  In recognition of his services to the Society he was awarded the Silver Medal in 1978 and, in 1994, elected to Honorary Membership.   Much of his working life was spent with British Rail.  Donald was a devoted family man and in later years gained much pleasure from the company of his grandchildren.

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