Annual General Meeting

This years AGM was held on 12th November 2011.

 The Treasurer reported that the Society continued in good financial health despite annual income falling due to declining membership. After continued decline in attendance and membership, the Society determined, after lengthy discussion, to adopt a radical departure from previous programmes whilst attempting to preserve the camaraderie so integral to the health of such groups.

In 2012, the Society’s main meetings will be held in parallel to the major numismatic fairs in the region – two at York in January and July and one at the Harrogate Spring Fair. A couple of members’ only meetings will also be incorporated into this programme.

The Society elected Tony Abramson as its President. Other new office holders include David Lee, Treasurer, and Lee Toone, in the new role of Webmaster. Richard Renshaw continues as Vice President, and Peter Watson as Minutes Secretary and Honorary Auditor. The post of secretary remains vacant and the President will handle administrative matters.

Discussion of a further volume of The Yorkshire Numismatist was deferred to a future meeting (President to advise). The material for this is in hand.

The incoming President was asked to ensure that Coin News, Money & Medals and other relevant publications are advised of the programme when finalised.

Robert Barraclough proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing President, David Goodall, for steering the Society through a difficult period in its history. This was unanimously approved.

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