Yorkshire Festival of Numismatics : July 2011

In July 2011 a number of events are taking place in Yorkshire that will attract numismatists from around the world. This blog will enable you to keep up to date with what is going on. Already confirmed are the following events:

MONETA BRITANNIA 2011 -  Moneta Britannia 2011 will be held in York (UK) next year on 14th July to celebrate all aspects of Romano- British numismatics. The day long conference will be held at The Bar Convent in central York and will consist of at least eight papers covering many aspects of the coinage used in Britain during the Roman period. Topics already arranged include:

  • References to Britannia on Imperial Coinage – Richard Abdy
  • Unofficial mints in third-century East Anglia – Adrian Marsden
  • Carausius and Allectus – Richard Bourne
  • The Coinage of Carausius in the light of the Frome Hoard – Sam Moorhead
  • The London Mint : A Collector’s Perspective – Paul DiMarzio
  • Roman influence on early Anglo Saxon Coinage – Tony Abramson

MEDIEVAL COINAGE SYMPOSIUM - The 2011 Leeds International Medieval Congress takes place from July 11-14 and, with its theme of Poor . . . Rich, includes a medieval coinage symposium, SMC @ IMC, covering the medieval period from 973 to c.1500. This will be be held on Wednesday 13th July and is being organised by Tony Abramson. Further information can be found by following the link in the right side bar. A few of the many topics are:

  • Was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England a queen? - Gareth Williams
  • Globalised monetary systems of the Viking age- Hendrik Mäkeler
  • The re-use of coins in later medieval England - Richard Kelleher
  • The production of coinage in C11th Dublin - Andy Woods
  • Medieval ‘traveller’s cheques’: financing foreign travel in C14 & C15 England - Tony Moore

YORK STAMP AND COIN FAIR - The York Coin and Stamp Fair will be held at York Racecourse on Friday 15th July and Saturday 16th July 2011 and it is hoped that the Yorkshire Numismatic Society will be able to host a special meeting at this venue during the course of the show.

VALE OF YORK HOARD - The Yorkshire Numismatic Society are sponsoring a special talk by Gareth Williams on the Vale of York Hoard. This will be held at the Coin Fair on Friday 15th July.The Vale of York Viking Hoard included 600 coins, complete ornaments, ingots (bars), and chopped-up fragments known as hack silver and was discovered in North Yorkshire in January 2007 by two metal detectorists.

YORKSHIRE MUSEUM - The Yorkshire Museum (situated in central York) will have reopened following a nine month refurbishment. The Vale of York treasure will be on display, after being included in a special British Museum exhibition: Treasures from Medieval York, during the closure.

To be arranged:

Metal Detecting Event

Trip to Hadrain's Wall

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